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United Studios Progressive Martial Arts of Port Jefferson Station NY & Rocky Point NY is proud to be Long Islands Premier Kids Karate and Kids Martial Arts School.

A Note To a Rock Solid Parent,
Our names are Rich Spatola and Enzo Aliotta, back in 1993 we opened our doors on the North shore of Long Island originally teaching kids martial arts in the Miller Place area. Later our Kids martial arts classes flourished and we expanded teaching kids martial arts classes in the Mount Sinai area. Now we have a newly expanded locations in Rocky Point and Port Jefferson Station NY serving the entire north shore, teaching kids martial arts and character education to children starting at the tender ages of 4 years old.

Since our humble beginnings, we have educated thousands of students through our kids martial arts classes about personal safety, bully awareness, stranger danger and of course self-defense.

Many of these children are now adult instructors for United Studios PMA while others that have spent 10 plus years with us have gone on to college to become successful, both personally and professionally.

Most impressive for us  has been teaching kids martial arts classes to students with Autism, ADD, ADHD, PDD and other situations. Watching these children become successful Junior Black & black belts in our schools is what teaching kids martial arts is all about.

United Studios PMA believes that seeing is believing. Everyone can talk about how great their school is, we rather show you. Please feel free to fill out our  free consultation form and one of our directors will follow up to schedule your child’s first lesson in our kids martial arts program.



It has been difficult getting my son off the couch and away from his electronics and video games. Even on the day that I told him about our first free trial at United Studios he was being difficult about going. As I parent I knew I had to force him if I wanted him to grow up as a healthy, fit and focused child. The truth is…kids do not get enough physical exercise and play dates never seem to work out like when I was a kid. So, I took the plunge and went to United Studios PMA the school every parent recommended. Since getting my child started in the kids martial arts program at United Studios PMA he has become more active and athletic. Aside from learning martial arts, I am just happy watching him practice at home and not sit on a couch watching TV or playing a video games. Thank you United Studios PMA for the high energy classes and excitement that my child needs.

Michelle Collins

Proud Parent, United Studios PMA


Having two children one a teen daughter and the other a 5 year old boy I have found it extremely difficult to have my youngest focus and listen to me when he hears his older sister not being the nicest. After many months of this frustration I decided to give United Studios PMA a try. From day one they had given my child these special character development cards. My son immediately started using them at home. Within the first week, I have seen an amazing change in my son’s focus and listening skills. I love him and he responds with “I’m coming” instead of “what or wait a minute.” We love the kids martial arts program at United Studios PMA.

Michele Bergan

Mother of Two, United Studios PMA

Being a parent of one child has its pro’s and con’s. We love that we can give our child everything he wants. Unfortunately, we dislike that he doesn’t have any siblings to play with or look up to. We have recently noticed that when we are at the park or around other children our son seems to get pushed around. He never attempts to go first and he lets just about every other child bigger or smaller boss him around. A friend of ours recommended karate. We heard a lot about United Studios PMA but decided to visit schools a little closer to home. Well after visiting three other schools we stopped at United Studios PMA last. And we are glad we did. My son Ethan fell in love with the instructors and school immediately. It was warm and caring but structured. Just after the first 3 months at United Studios we have seen Ethan’s confidence sky rocket. He actually tries new things and sticks up for himself even against bigger kids. My husband and I are both teachers and we know how to judge. United Studios sticks to its mission of providing world class instruction in a fun way each and every class.

Mr. & Mrs Curcio

United Studios PMA

9-13 years old

Habits we Train…are Habits we Gain!
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  • Respect for self and others
  • Academic Achievement
  • Goal Oriented
  • Healthy/Happy/Fit
  • Increased Self Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Leadership Skills
Next Step

We take our job as Instructors and success coaches very seriously.

We know that we can make a difference and we have been developing innovative and successful systems for over 20 years. All of our kids martial arts classes are taught in a safe, fun and energizing environment. Your child is developing habits everyday; anything they do over and over again will become a habit. Good habits are easy to live with, however, they can be tough to develop on your own. Most people need a coach and that’s where we come in. Unfortunately, bad habits are easy to develop and are very tough to live with. Our teaching style is based on positive coaching, goal setting and lot’s of encouragement. We never give up on kids; we always team up and we have plenty of success stories to keep us committed to instilling habits of excellence in the lives of children. The vast majority of our Junior Black Belt Leaders are high-academic achievers, great kids and highly athletic. The majority don’t start that way, with time, training and teamwork, we have seen thousands of kids become highly successful in every aspect of their life.

How do you get your child started?

It’s easy to start. We start by scheduling a FREE PRIVATE LESSON for your child with one of our highly trained and Nationally Certified Instructors. We require a parent or legal guardian to be present so that we can get to know you and your child better. At the same time, we will give you a tour of our training facility; educate you about our school, our staff and the programs we offer. You will have the chance to see if our program is right for you and your family. There is no cost or obligation for the evaluation. Our tuition rates are reasonable, competitive and affordable.,/p>

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