Yoga-Tai Chi


Shaolin Yoga Chi Kung and Tai Chi is a unique blend on the ancient Chinese  Baduanjin qigong(八段錦) {8 Pieces of brocade} Yoga and Yang Style Tai Chi as taught by Sifu Tak Wah Eng of NYC Chinatown. The benefits of Shaolin Yoga Chi Kung include:

1. Increased Mental Clarity

2. Stress Relief

3. Increased Circulation

4. Physical, Mental Stregnth

5. Increased Spiritual grounding and wholeness.

6. Build and Increase Qi

7. Strengthens and stretches the entire body

United Studios PMA is proud to be closely affiliated with The University of Health and Spiritual Sciences. This affiliation offers students the opportunity to earn credits/units towards a degree through the University of Health and Spiritual Sciences.

The  ultimate goal of UHSS  is to have a unified cadre of Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine Doctor (N.S.M.D) and Doctors of Medical Yoga (D.M.Y) practitioners who will create a positive impact on the global health community. More info can be given during your free consultation.