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Thank you for visiting United Studios Progressive Martial Arts  website. For over twenty years, we have been the leading Martial Arts and Karate school in your area. If you are interested in Three Village Karate classes, or Fitness Kickboxing, come visit us! We are located in Port Jeff Station, just minutes from the Three Village area.

Whether you are looking for Three Village karate lessons for yourself or your child, we can help! United Studios offers training for students as young as 4 years old. We make karate lessons entertaining for our students, as well as educational. By having your child train with us, they will learn self-confidence, physical coordination and physical fitness. We also utilize positive rewards to improve a child’s self discipline as well as respect for themselves and others. Our training systems are always fun and reward good behavior both in and out of class. For our adults, you will receive these same benefits training in Martial Arts.  Great exercise, stress relief and self accomplishment are some of the greatest rewards for our adult students. Last but not least, anyone can benefit from the confidence they receive having learned improved self-defense skills!

If you are looking for Three Village Fitness classes, consider coming to United Studios to experience our fitness kickboxing classes. United Studios Fitness Kickboxing is a great way to have fun while losing weight and reducing stress. Kickboxing is known to be a full body workout, yet our instructors know to tailor the classes to be effective and unique for each of our students. Personal trainers can be very costly, and typically dictate the same exercises for their students to perform. Very little variation in your exercise routine leads to very little progress towards your goals. Our Fitness Kickboxing classes are always changing! It’s this variation that prevents your muscles from just “going through the motions” of exercise. You’ll also learn a bit of self-defense while getting more physically fit!

While Karate and Kickboxing can be moderate to high intensity training, we do offer another class for those looking for a milder experience. If you are interested in a Three Village Yoga or Tai-Chi experience, we offer our combined Yoga/Tai-Chi class! You can enjoy the many benefits from these ancient disciplines. Yoga utilizes breath control and specific poses to help relieve stress and promote flexibility and improved self-consciousness. Similar to Yoga is Tai-Chi, whose gentle yet constant and controlled movements promote balance and improved physical fitness. The two disciplines practiced together create a unique approach to a healthier mind, body and soul.

For any of our course offerings, United Studios offers free consults. Come in for a visit any time and we will give you a tour of our facilities. You can witness our professional training first hand. Our continued success is due to our passion for improving the lives of our students. Please give us the opportunity to discuss what needs you are looking to fulfill. We look forward to meeting you!



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