Setauket Kickboxing and Karate

Do you live in Setauket and are interested in Setauket Kickboxing and Karate classes? There are many schools in the area, but not many schools that have over 20 successful years in the business! United Studios of Port Jefferson has had over 20 years to fine tune their adult and child martial arts lessons. Our classes are taught by highly skilled senseis who have devoted their lives to the many disciplines in the Martial Arts.  Our instructors are all actively training and competing. It’s this lifelong dedication that allows our instructors to remain sharp and focused on how martial arts evolves, and how to pass this experience onto our students.

United Studios is close to Setauket and our training is based upon a hybrid form of martial arts known as Kajukenbo. Kajukenbo is made up of 5 different self defense disciplines. These include KA for Karate, JU for Judo and Jujutsu, KEN for Kenpo and BO for Boxing. Learning the greatest aspects of these 5 disciplines will give you additional confidence in yourself. You or your child will not only learn to feel more confident, stress relief and focus are additional benefits to training with us. Martial arts training also helps you to become more active. Regular exercise will give you more energy, and will in turn help you to become more physically fit.

If your goal is more towards fast results with weight loss benefits. Then you want to check out our Fitness Kickboxing classes! Just minutes from Setauket, our Kickboxing classes are a great way to wake up those core muscles! Your legs, abs arms and shoulders will really get tones through our targeted trainings. Kickboxing not only develops fighting skills, but is naturally a great aerobic workout. Our instructors know how to keep you motivated to work up a sweat, but still keep you smiling. A 45 minute class will begin to shape and tone your body, and you can burn from 400-600 calories! You will become more flexible, more energetic and more toned!

United Studios has combined  the Hindu and Chinese traditions of Yoga and Tai-Chi into one great program for students of any age or physicality. When it comes to gentle but effective exercise and stress relief, Yoga and Tai-Chi are fantastic. Just minutes from your Setauket home, you can visit our studio and perform gentle stretches and focused breathing. Our students also enjoy the peacefulness of quiet meditations that help to develop inner peace. You may come in feeling tired and stressed, but you will leave energized and focused. We guarantee it.

For karate, kickboxing and yoga classes close to Setauket, give United Studios a visit. We are a highly organized, professional, clean and family friendly facility! We offer free consults. Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss which training best suits your needs!


Setauket Karate and Kickboxing Training at United Studios