Rocky Point Karate

Are you looking for Rocky Point Karate or Martial Arts classes? United Studios has both a Rocky Point Martial Arts school as well as a Port Jeff Station location. United Studios has been instructing karate students since 1993! United Studios offers adult and child Karate, Fitness Kickboxing, as well as Yoga / Tai-Chi.

United Studios Rocky Point Karate School teaches both children and adult Martial Arts. Our style of Martial Arts training is known as Kajukenbo. Kajukenbo blends Karate, Judo, Jiujitsu, Kenpo and Boxing. Kajukenbo uses a great blend of striking, kicking, throwing, take-downs, joint locks and even weapon disarmament. Our children’s classes are tailored to help younger children focus, learn discipline and feel more confident in a bully situation. Our older students appreciate the confidence, self-defense and physical fitness they receive from our training. Anyone can benefit from learning Martial Arts!

For those more interested in a high intensity workout, consider United Studios Port Jeff Fitness Kickboxing classes. You can still learn to improve your self defense and even shed a few pounds in the process! Our Fitness Kickboxing classes use traditional exercises and incorporate self defense movements to give you twice as much benefit than a typical workout. You don’t have to be in your best shape, but we’ll help you to improve it! Our trainers personalize the classes to ensure everyone is capable of keeping up, without restricting those who are more fit. This is a skill that takes time to craft, and our trainers have put that time in!

For those seeking Rocky Point Yoga, we have an interesting class for you. United Studios Port Jeff has a Yoga and Tai-Chi class. We’ve married these two ancient disciplines into one. We’ve developed a class that utilizes slow controlled movements and breathing exercises to give you stress relief, prescription free! Yoga and Tai-Chi have additional benefits such as increased circulation, improved mental clarity and even physical strengthening.

United Studios offers free consults for Rocky Point Karate and all of our other programs. We are owner operated and never sacrifice quality for profit. We want to help you improve yourself or your child’s well being. We hope to see you soon, and hope that you’ll join the United Studios family!