Hotline Form 24/7

What is a hotline form?

A hotline form helps us to learn more about how your child is doing at home and in school.  Below is a drop down menu of positive attitude, behavior and character traits. There is also a drop down of some misconduct of attitude, behavior and character traits. Additional you can also leave a comment.

You’ll simply pick what you feel is important for us to know about. If it’s all positive then in efforts to increase your child’s confidence we will announce their progress in class in front of their classmates when they come to class.

In the event they are not demonstrating their best, then we will then have a private mat chat and try to help them strive for excellence.

Our philosophy is public praise and private reprimand.

We hope that you’ll take part and keep us in the loop!

Very truly yours,

The United Studios PMA team



Hotline Form